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In the beginning.....

Well, where to begin...

I was born in the 60s.  This in itself is not remarkable, except for the fact that lots of mothers were being prescribed lots of drugs to make the trials and tribulations of being pregnant more tolerable.  One such drug was Benedictine and I know my mother took this for nausea.  There is no known link between this drug and birth defects, but there you have it.  In fact, there is no known link between anything my mother took and the particular defects I was born with.  However, it is a little odd that I seem to have some really weird ones while my sister, who is three years younger, has none.  This much I know. 

I remember a big box of tape in my mom's closet.  Surgical tape, you know the white kind that won't come off without a good soaking.  Apparently, some wag told my mom that I had nerve damage from a forceps delivery.  How he came to this conclusion, I have no idea; he also had the bright idea that if my face was taped into position, it would stay or heal (like a dog?).  Yeah, that worked...

I remember going to the hospital for nerve conduction tests before I started school.  Electrodes were attached and a current of electricity flowed and nothing but a weird tingly sensation happened. nerve to stimulate?  Perhaps.   I think I got a pink peppermint from someone at the hospital.  I love pink peppermints.

When I was, oh let's say five, I went to another doctor who made me walk on my toes, then on my heals, then with one foot infront of the other, then he stuck me with a pin to see if I felt everything the same on both sides of my body.  I did.  I do not like pins.  I know my mom and dad took me to a few doctors who all did the same thing.  This went on for a few years until, when I was eight, one guy said "Maybe in five or ten years, we can do something".  What I missed hearing was the bit about there not being any surgery at the time with better than a 50/50 survival rate.  Technology had not yet caught up with what doctors thought could be done.  I left thinking that someone was going to DO something when I was 13 or 18.  I didn't know what they were really saying was that maybe in five or ten years, TECHNOLOGY would catch up.  Oh, that was a bitter pill in my teenage years.

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