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Pictures of me before I started school.

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These are some of my pre-op pics. 

Pound Puppy Pic - 1969

The really early years.  I think I am about six months in the top pic; I always think of this one as my Pound-Puppy Picture, as in "Hark! Is that someone come to get me out of here?" I am maybe eighteen months in the two on the right.

Taylor Ave. - 1970

Taylor Ave. - 1970

Cheeky, eh?

Pensive Pose - 1972

Mom calls this my pensive pose.  She also calls me "Foofer" in the inscription on the back.  The bear is named "Molasses".  I still have him.

Wellesley Ave. - 1974

Wow.  Just look at the twinkle in that eye.  Kind of scary really.  This pic was taken in a travelling photo studio that used to come the house.  We all traipsed outside to a van in our driveway and climbed in for our photo shoot.  Mom was incredulous that my hair had any curl left by the time the guy got there.

Taylor Ave. - 1972

Sigh.  I loved that car.  It had removable reflectors on the doors.  I probably have one in my hand in this pic!

Taylor Ave. - 1972

Me in Dad's clothes.  I think.  They could be Mom's.  Given that I always wore Dad's clothes, I'll have to guess that these are his too.

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