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Work In Progress...Smile Surgery and Recovery

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Work In Progress...Smile Surgery and Recovery
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Dr. Manktelow's office
February 02, 2005

So, we arrived in toronto without incident and I had a pre-op meeting with Dr. Manktelow and visiting fellow, Martin.  When they, and three students, arrived, the markers came out and I was covered in blue ink in no time.  Only rubbing alcohol takes the ink off and my face was "chemically peeled" by it all afterwards.

Martin, me, Manktelow
February 03, 2005

This pic was taken at close to 6 a.m. on surgery day.  Here you can see I am marked up yet again!  The offending pen is in Dr. Manktelow's hand.

surgery day
Twelve hours later

One bandage down and one to go.  There were a couple of small drains at the ends of the incision on my head that Martin removed.  It didn't hurt to have them removed, but the bandage was stuck to my hair at the back of my neck.  THAT I remember!  Later, I found a clump of hair on my pillow where Martin cut it to get the bandage off.  I am not even sure he knew!

day two
Swelling up nicely! Day two.

On Sunday, I was released into the capable hands of my best friend, Sonya.  When we stopped at the Nurses Station before leaving, they handed me a prescription and said nothing but "Get this filled".  So, we drove to the drug store which was beside Sonya and Lisa's favourite coffee place.  Since I was in my PJ's, Lisa went to get coffees and Sonya went to get drugs.  I had had a pounding headache for three days and figured the coffee was the cure.  How right I was!  After two sips, I began to feel human again.  Little did I know that I was not supposed to have ANY caffiene for three months!  I found that out at the follow-up appointment.

day seven
One Week Later. Home from Toronto and looking kinda pitiful!

Truly one of the greatest pleasures is being able to close my eye properly.  I can't believe how great it feels not to have a dry eye anymore.  And because it closes, it doesn't get all watery anymore either when it is windy or hot or cold or sunny or dark....

There is hardly any scar.

This scar is a different story, however!  It ached like a son-of-a-gun for the three days while the drain was in, but after that, it was just uncomfortable to sit down on certain chairs...and the toilet.  I know, that may be too much info, but I don't want anyone else who has this surgery to have any nasty surprises.  The whole incision is about 9 inches long and ends right in the spot where ordinary briefs rest.  So, I invested in boxers, because I like them better anyway, and I had no problems at all.  Except for when they removed the bandage from here.  A little shaving beforehand might have saved me and the doctor a bit of grief!

golden eye
My New "Golden Eye"

Seven Weeks After Surgery
I don't have any movement yet, but there is a tingling sensation at the corner of my mouth when I lick it.  It feels kind of weird, like a little electric shock that travels toward my ear from my mouth.  I also get a tingly sensation right in front of my ear when I tap my teeth together.

You know, I don't remember much at this point.  I do remember asking Carolynn to take a picture for the record.  Oh, and I remember the nurse telling me not to swallow the water she gave me.  But that's it really.

day one
One day later

If you look closely, you can still see some ink on my cheek.  I was swollen so much, my skin was shiny!  It was another week before I got the last remnants of ink off of me.

day four
Released! Day four and relaxing at Sonya's

Ok, about the arm.  I have the worst veins ever.  I was on Prednisone for a few years and I have had a few courses of intraveneous human immunoglobulin (IvIG) for my Myasthenia.  Combined, these two things give me no end of grief when having blood drawn or when anyone but the most skilled is trying to start an I.V.  I was in the O.R. for forty-five minutes before the anaesthetist got the I.V. going that would put me to sleep so she could start a proper I.V.  Apparently, when knocked out, everyone's veins just "plump up", as she called it.  This bruising lasted for nearly three weeks and was by far the most sensitive part of me after surgery.

eyes closed
Look! My eyes close!

You have to look very closely to see the scar as it runs from just under the angle of my jaw,  right up in front of my ear (it follows the contour of my ear, really) and carries on up into my hair.  Even I can't see anything but the faintest bit below my jaw when I look in the mirror.  The whole scar is about six inches long.

scar leg
It's not as bad as it looks! Honest!

This is the best part, so far.  My eye closes all the way for the first time ever!  The gold bar can be seen under the skin, and it had one tiny stitch in the lid.

seven weeks
Seven Weeks

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