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Favorite Links - Updated August 06, 2005

This will be slow coming, but I am researching new stuff all the time...

Smile Surgery - Toronto Style

A Brief Explanation of Moebius Syndrome

Moebi-Us! Good reading here!

Hey Look! Someone Like Me!

h2g2 - Life, the universe, and everything...

Cool Art for Cool People

The Complete Bible...In Lego

Crazy dolls, man...

Something different in poetry. Beatnik style.

More Beat than you can shake a stick at.

Renaissance Music - Online

Ecofriendly clothes - Sold In Canada

The Beaver - Canada's History Magazine

Surfin' StrawBale - Build your own ecofriendly house.

Synthpop Database - and you thought the 80s were dead...

Urban Dictionary - Define your world

Want to try something addictive?

My Blog - Daily ramblings about this 'n' that.

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